Ellie Goulding — Your Song

Post 8 of the 30 post music challenge.
A song I know all the words to. 

In addition to knowing all the words to this song, 
I think this is one of the best covers ever. 

If you like the original by Elton John, 
chances are you'll like this version too. 

The Drifters — Under the Boardwalk

Post 7 of the 30 post music challenge.
A song that reminds me of an event. 

This song reminds me of an afternoon I spent
fooling around at my sister's steel drum band practice. 
This is the song that I got to help play. (:

traffic light loving

The oddest thing happened tonight. 
I was sitting at a traffic light
windows rolled down
waiting for the green. 

I hear this guy in the next car over. 
This is what he's saying:

How you doing? 
What's going on? 

And I'm tuning him out. 
Not even turning his way. 
I figure he's on the phone with someone, 
but I didn't turn to look. 

Right about then
the light turns green
and I pull forward. 

As he's pulling forward, 
he yells, 
"I love you!"
and I finally turn to look at him
and I realize that, 
all this time, 
he's been talking to me. 

He yells,
"I fucking love you!" 
and drives off. 

I laughed the whole way home. 
It was hilarious. 
I've never seen that guy before.
I'll probably never see him again. 
Sure was funny, though. (: