It’s Almost September

It’s almost September, and I’m looking forward to the weather changing. I like cool, crisp fall mornings. I love sweaters and scarves and walking through crunchy leaves on sidewalks. I love when the leaves change colors and there are patches of yellows and swathes of oranges. I love pumpkins and hot cider, love hayrides and trick or treating.

I suppose it’s a little odd to be writing about fall when it’s supposed to be 83 degrees here today. It is still August, after all. I guess I just need something to look forward to, and all of those little things are things that make me smile.

3 responses to “It’s Almost September

  1. I enjoy and look forward to all of those things as well. But for me it comes at a price, as I also see autumn as the precursor to winter, which for me is the low point of every year. Not only wet and cold, but it signifies the death of another year, with all of it’s lost opportunities, and the realization of the passage of time that will be gone forever, without another chance to get it right before its expiration. Winter is a season with no soul, I hope autumn lasts forever.

    • “Winter is a season with no soul?” Huh, I’ll have to think about that. I do think we’ve talked about winter before and how harsh it can be, particularly in areas like the New England states. I do love autumn, though. I wish it could go on forever too. (:

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