Ellie Goulding — Your Song

Post 8 of the 30 post music challenge.
A song I know all the words to. 

In addition to knowing all the words to this song, 
I think this is one of the best covers ever. 

If you like the original by Elton John, 
chances are you'll like this version too. 

John Lennon — Imagine

Post 6 of the 30 post music challenge. 
A song that reminds me of somewhere. 

This song takes me back to a specific moment. 
It was evening, and I was standing on a balcony 
looking out over a patio strung with twinkle lights. 
This song was playing from somewhere down below me, 
and the man I loved was standing under a tree 
looking off into the distance
while I looked at him. 

It's odd how clear that moment is. 
Why it stuck with me, I have no idea, 
but this song will probably always remind me
of standing on that balcony
wearing a borrowed skirt and a pair of sandals
while looking at the man I wanted
but would never have. 

Shawn Colvin — Shotgun Down the Avalanche

Post 5 of the 30 post music challenge. 
A song that reminds me of someone. 

This song is a song I was obsessed with more than a decade ago
when I was dating an Appalachian Trail through-hiker. 
At the time, I knew only a cover version of this song. 
It wasn't until years later than I realized this version existed. 

Every time I hear this song by SC and a couple of her other songs, 
I'm transported back to those nights I drove down foggy roads
by the river. I remember the smell of cigarette smoke 
on his flannel shirt, remember his slender hips and full lips
and this funny smile he had-- crooked and not quite white.