inspirational to-do list

I stumbled across an interesting blog today. Actually, it was the ABOUT page that I found really interesting. I read through it. I actually read the entire page. It wasn’t boring, which I found surprising, because ABOUT pages are often mundane, uncreative and lacking in all the juicy bits that readers really want to read about.

This man’s ABOUT page made me want to revamp my admittedly uncreative and (dare I say it?) boring ABOUT page to instead share the juicy side of me. Now, for some reason, I am thinking of Juicy Fruit chewing gum in its bright yellow packaging, even though I’ve never been a big fan of Juicy Fruit and I don’t very often chew gum.

After reading his page, I decided to revamp today’s to-do list to include the following: order that copy of Ted Hughes’ poetry that I’ve been meaning to order, pull out Bitches Brew (Miles Davis) and give it a listen, and give my cacti names. In addition to those fun tasks, I am also going to paint my nails bright green, try out a new recipe for tilapia and try not to drink the entire pot of coffee.

Reading Alice Walker’s Poetry Again

The World Will Follow Joy

I picked this book up from my library a couple of weeks ago, and I just opened it today. It’s inspiring in how it lifts the spirit and makes me feel like, simply because I am alive, I am part of something greater than myself. It made me want to pull out my old Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis CDs and let the music soar around me like her voice does in these poems. She writes,

We will turn our madness into flowers […]

and I think to myself that the world needs more of these poems, that the world needs more love, always more love.

In these poems she writes of odd magic and of golden music, of a man who fixed not only the leak in her sink but also the leak in her spirit. It is a magical sort of person who can, without being able to physically touch the spirit, still somehow manage to fix it, as if applying a sort of spiritual salve to someone’s soul.

Right now, I am only halfway through this book, but I am certain that I will finish it today. I want to keep reading these poems that speak of people who’ve been loved, people who’ve been lost, people who, against all odds, form bonds that cross oceans and continents because, deep down, their spirits are cut of the same fabric.

I want to take this away from this book. I want to remember that my full heart and her full heart and their full hearts are all the same, that we all need clean water, air to breathe, love to wrap around us and laughter to lighten the burdens we bear.